T-gauge G40T0


  • 1: /-0.10% of span
  • 2-4: /-0.04% of span
  • 5: /-0.065% of span


  • 4-20 mA: 10.5-42.4 V dc with no load
  • Low Power: 6-12 V dc with no load


  • Sensor Wetted Parts: SST, Hastelloy, Monel, Tantalum


  • Sensor fill fluid: Silicone, Inert (Halocarbon)


  • Coplanar and Traditional flanges
  • Adapters: Cadmium and Nickel-plated CS, 316 SST


Accurate pressure measurements are one of the important requirements in various process industries. There are different types of pressure measurement such as gauge, absolute, and differential pressure measurement. Of these, gauge or gage pressure measurement is performed using gauge pressure transmitters. These devices are designed to measure the pressure in relation to ambient atmospheric pressure. The output of a gauge pressure sensor will vary according to the atmosphere or at varying altitudes. At The Transmitter Shop (TTS), we provide a wide range of industry-leading Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters for various industrial applications.

  • 4-20 mA with digital signal based on HART Protocol
  • Low Power, 1-5 V dc with digital signal based on HART Protocol
  • Low power, 0.8-3.2 V dc with digital signal based on HART Protocol, optional


  • 0-.83 inches H2O to 2000 psig
  • 0-0.1 inches H2O to 0-2000 psid