Flanged Vortex Flowmeter – V401

General features

– Can measure all gas and liquid fluids

– Has no moving parts

– It does not contain any space suitable for clogging.

– All metal structure.

– It does not have any gear or pin connections that cause corrosion or rust.

– It has 2-wire 4-20 mA output or optional pulse feature.

NOTE: Temperature and / or pressure compensation can be made.


Vortex flowmeters are used for high temperature. It can be used up to a maximum temperature of 320 ° C for all fluids. The flanged version can be connected horizontally or vertically on the line. These models, which have a wide measuring range, can be used in many different fluids.

Vortex flowmeters do not contain any mechanical parts. In this way, it can be used easily even in fluids containing partial particles. The absence of mechanical parts is a factor that keeps its service life long. Instant and total flow rate information can be observed with the indicator on these models. Optionally, this information can be transferred with the analog output.