Level electromeg – L200



L200 – The system is based on the reflection of an electromagnetic pulse that is directed on a sensor rod/ cable and reflected by filling material. The electronics integrated into the sensor determines the filling state from the echo time of the pulse and shows this in the display. The electromagnetic pulse is sent out, reflected on the filling material and received again. The echo time of the pulse is proportional to the distance from the surface of the medium. The measurement procedure and the accuracy of the measurement are independent of pressure, temperature, vapor, dust, foam, viscosity, conductivity and pH value. Operation mode This continuous level measurement for liquids and bulk solids is based on the propagation time measurement of microwave pulses according to the principle of time domain reflectometry (TDR), which are guided along a rod or a rope. A high-frequency pulse is guided along a single conductor, the sensor rod, and reflected by the medium surface. The interface electronics determines the level of the bulk material from the propagation time of the pulse. To a great extent the measuring principle is independent of process influences such as pressure, temperature or moving surfaces.